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Except kylo rey can dump him in the trash pls t

Except kylo rey can dump him in the trash pls t


beautiful children I love them all (except kylo. rey can dump him in the

It's time for us to talk about Rey and Kylo Ren, the newest star-crossed not-quite-lovers in the Star Wars romantic canon.

I don't even ship Reylo, I just really like that resting Bitchface

Kylo Ren's Ship Model Is..

"She's checking him out but I mean we all were" True, though Adam Fans were all "we've seen it before, but behold our glorious boy!" Reylo the last jedi

Kylo Ren

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Oh tumblr you are such a wonderfully strange place Reylo/ Rey x Kylo Ren

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey, then tries to force his way

Plus, a lot of fans thought that the connection the two had in The Force Awakens might be because they were related.

I am Kylo Ren trash.

Literally, my mantra during that scene was "Please be hot. Please be hot

Especially since Rey always has some kind f light shining in her and Kylo has shadows or less light/darker light on him.

Reylo Hogwarts Except ray should be griffindor. Like come on ravenclaw?

I'm silently laughing super hard at this

Emo Kylo Ren needs to see this.

Kylo & Rey

AA T ¶ ⒞

What Kylo Ren says to Han Solo before murdering him in the coldest of blood

star wars: if kylo ren met his younger self by on @DeviantArt

(1) Понравилось | Tumblr, there is a problem, I fear we have. Star Wars Kylo RenKylo ...

Seriously, it would be a shame if Darth Vaders mask got destroyed on Starkiller base (though it already looked pretty badly in this movie ^^) Star Wars TFA ...

I was spoiled on it long before I finally got a chance to SEE the film - and, in retrospect, it was something of a relief. I spent a good deal of time ...

I'm not crazy about Kylo Ren but this is a good picture of him.

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space-trash-princess Carrier Porgs part 1 @wrathofkylo7 part 2 will be posted

Kylo Ren, my adorably tragic little trash baby


You can't convinced me otherwise I've

reylo memes - don't even know if I ship them but this is funny

No longer Ben 'Solo'

ArtStation - Kylo Ren portrait, Romina Scagliarini

Find this Pin and more on Kylo Ren by trash can-not.

Adam Driver (Kylo Ren TFA) "I can get whatever I want"

Except Carrie is (was😣) a beautiful magical queen and Kylo is beautiful emo trash

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vasirasart: “ everyone kept calling my trash son emo so i kinda had to make this kylo is v emo ” I love this child so much

Star Wars Episode VII / Flower : Rey - Frangipani / Kylo Ren - Belladonna /

kylo ren and rey -

Adam Driver (Kylo Ren, TLJ)

trash-for-reylo: “ I can't get enough of drawing them making out. Btw, Happy World Reylo Day!

By atanvarneart. via deviantart #starwars #thedarkside #theforceawakens #thelastjedi #kyloren # · Kylo ReyStar ...

When you show your friends your star wars merchandise and they tell you they don't care.

Star Wars Kylo Ren by Schaloime

He shall never know how I love him, not because.

POE & BB-8 / The Last Jedi

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Kylo + Rey. sirenarchy

Kylo Ren by septembre-songstress

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT From "You know I can take anything I want" to "Please · Star Wars Kylo RenStar ...

“Nothing will stand in our way…Show me again, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started” Master of The Kinghts of Ren - Kylo Ren 3 of 4 REY FINN KYLO ...

(1/6) I️ can't believe this shit is canon. Kylo Ren, first order badass and dark mystery prince, ASKED REY TO JOIN HIM. This man literally wanted Rey and ...

“This one's mostly for a friend of mine, who liked the idea of TKOR as a band. Also, I love my trash prince Kylo Ren. Some more from the setlist: I Haven't ...

blow that piece of junk oUT OF THE SKY!

I can't be threatened by him after

Image: Disney

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Stop distracting Kylo, can distract him after his speech.

Here's an important takeaway of the interrogation scene: just because Kylo Ren takes the Kylo Ren mask off does not mean he's dropped the persona.

Who is Rey related to?

Adam Driver, shown here in Mishawaka High School Junior, when he objected to having to pay 50 cents for an extra packet of mayonnaise for his sub sandwich ...

reyloeverafter: ““ Our boy isn't too happy when finding out that his Force Bae left (dumped & rejected) him after everything they'd been through.

I recently watched new episode of Star Wars (it was great woahh) and immediately became Kylo x Rey trash. The tension beetween this two was.

Kylo by articianne. by the grace of your training, i will not be seduced

I'm so excited to share my art with you. I spent probably around

trash-for-reylo: “ Kylo and Rey, wearing Rag & Bone's Star Wars Collection {x} ”

thealeksdemon: “ Let the trash roll in ”

Kylo ren by cyy-dark

However, question, would returning to the light make you light on your feet? Cause this (I assume) guy is moving fast. And, Kylo Ren kinda walks slow and ...

Rey @ Luke about Kylo.

Kylo Ren is a Cry Baby i guess.. Lol | Pinterest | Cry baby, Crying and Star

Star Wars - Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens // Aladdin // Crossover // Kylo Ren & Rey

I can't stop watching this!!! Him gazing at her, that

Kylo Ren is a Cry Baby i guess.. Lol



Adam Driver did an incredible job as Kylo Ren

He is so attracted to her strength and drawn to her fire and passion. And that's why she should be with him and not Finn and why he needs her.

kylo ren emo - Google Search

star war the last jedi teaser photos luke skywalker rey millennium falcon split

Rey & Kylo Ren - Marc Aspinall

Star Wars: Kylo Ren - Created by Mike MitchellPrints available for sale at Mondo until

Is the one responsible for his lightsaber “calling” and gravitating itself to Rey, and the one responsible for her defeating Kylo Ren so easily in their ...

2/2 Kylo Ren and Rey interrogation scene from the official The Force Awakens script

It was a surprisingly gentle gesture that I was not expecting. I like how contradictory they made Kylo in this movie.


Snoke's Death Scene The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Kills Snoke

Entertainment Weekly about Kylo Ren and Rey - the magazine interviewed Rian Jonhson about their characters and how their plots will play out in "The Last ...

He didn't ask. Luke totally pushed Rey onto Ben as his padawan because the whole idea was so preposterous it made Luke snort-laugh.

Kylo Ren by Leinil Yu


Kylo ren the last jedi high waisted pants- The truth revealed!

Dad its not a phase!

Dark Rey and Kylo Ren cosplay, I don't ship the darkness, but this is well done

Kylo Ren is my space trash husband. Same here bro

vilify: Star Wars Episode VII: A New Problematic Fave · Star Wars Kylo RenStar ...

Here's an important takeaway of the interrogation scene: just because Kylo Ren takes the Kylo Ren mask off does not mean he's dropped the persona.