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Through a Younglings Optics 17 by MessyArtwok on DeviantArt

Through a Younglings Optics 17 by MessyArtwok on DeviantArt


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MessyArtwok 6 0 ORTTOS AND OPTIMUS by MannWulf

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Raph x reader: Bad Boy Gone Good FINAL CHAPTER by ThePanaramicFan16 on DeviantArt

Beast-Mode by MessyArtwok ...

MessyArtwok 10 14 'Lost and Found' : A TFP OC Comic - pg.02 by MessyArtwok '

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Too Bad IronHide... by MessyArtwok

Battle Scars by MessyArtwok

We Must Stop the Decepticons by MessyArtwok

My Dragon -FULL BODY- by MessyArtwok

I'll Always Be There. '

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The Shard

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Finding the Fire Within by MessyArtwok

I can feel your Spark- TFP SSxM sketch by YukiOni

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'Lost and Found' : A TFP OC Comic - pg.07 by MessyArtwok. '

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The Scientist- StarXMegs p.10 by YukiOni

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finished drawing all the pages for this part just have to color them now :3

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34 Gifts For The Coolest Baby You Know

"Bwee-ep Weeoop bwoop" "Huh?" Starscream's long stride faltered as he blinked himself out of a sort of daze. His optics darted upwards as if surprised to ...… -Hey chicos, ya tengo

Armada Sideswipe portrait by Starshot-seeker

MightilyMousey 1 0 TF: I shall call him... by shiribot

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Shadow and his mom

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Transformers, or any of the song/movie quotes used in this story. However, the idea for this story does, indeed, belong to me.

'Lost and Found' : A TFP OC Comic - pg.03 by MessyArtwok. '

9 Signs He'll Be A Good Dad

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Through a Youngling's Optics. PHOTOGRAPHY. Power of the Chimes by MessyArtwok

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Random Favourites

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