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The number of empty properties that councils and housing

The number of empty properties that councils and housing


Figures from 70 councils indicate there could be as many as 750,000 empty houses in the

Problems like Maidenhead's housing crisis, where we have a rudimentary numerical problem of too few homes for too many people ... the answer is clearly to ...

Some social housing left empty for over a year before new families can move in

Empty houses

There are approximately 5,822 empty properties in Sefton, of which 2,632 have been empty for more than six months

Councils believe they could empty social housing waiting lists without building any new homes

housing support

A policy aimed at tackling the number of empty homes through encouraging people with empty properties to make them available for rent has been adopted by ...

Salford City Council and Urban Vision reduce City's empty properties by 57%

Empty flats in Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne

Empty homes in Birmingham

£1 property: Houses on several streets in Stoke, Staffordshire are being sold for

Vacant New Build Homes

Hundreds of council properties like these are being left empty despite a high demand for the

Reduce the number of long-term empty properties and return them to residential use where appropriate.  Encourage a partnership approach in bringing empty ...

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Boarded-up houses in Stoke ...

Councils to get powers to crank up council tax on empty homes

Even if councils or housing associations are not willing to give away empty homes for a low as 50p, why not allow for significant discounts, if interested ...

Boarded up empty home


Council Tax doubled on empty homes

Garrick Street, Liverpool

Councils call for additional powers to tax empty homes

An empty, boarded up house in Northumberland Street, Norwich. Picture: Denise Bradley

Empty homes

An empty house in Northumberland Street, Norwich. Picture: Dan Grimmer

Property before and after intervention from empty homes team

... empty houses. thursfield-street-salford.jpg

The government has said it would allow local authorities to raise the council tax premium from 50% to 100% to encourage owners of empty homes to bring them ...

An empty council house on a social housing estate in St Ann's, Nottingham, England, U.K.

'National scandal' as most councils not using legal powers to take over empty homes

The UK remains locked in the middle of an ongoing housing crisis, with The Guardian reporting homelessness affecting record numbers: one in 200 individuals ...

Over 198,000 empty homes in Ireland: UK officers turn them into housing - would that work here?

Almost 300 empty homes have been brought back into use as part of Salford's housing boom. Since 2012, Salford City Council has used £2.5million of ...

A currently empty house in Rhondda Cynon Taff. Credit: ITV News

My neighbor is an empty house, one of over 3,500 in the District. The DC Council wants to make it affordable housing.

Portand Street

Popular: Hundreds of people have expressed an interest in buying rundown houses in Stoke for

More than 1,500 homes have been brought back into use by Coventry City Council in an effort to reduce the number of empty homes in the city.

Dublin is home to more than 20,000 vacant houses.

A row of houses in Kensington ...

Douglas Corporation flats in Lheannagh Park Sping Valley Douglas that have been empty for some years.

This house in Southmead has stayed empty for almost two years despite being rented out to a family.

Empty homes

Does the Empty Homes Tax apply to you?

They offered to sell 130 homes to Durham council for just £1, but the council said no.

Kentish Town homes

Councils can now charge owners 50 per cent extra in council tax if homes are left

The street where houses cost £1

In December 2014, squatters protested against the housing crisis by taking over a former bank

During Empty Homes Week 2016 which runs from today (28 November) to 2 December, the partnership is encouraging local property owners to get free advice and ...

Interested: The city council announced that 600 people have already applied to purchase the properties

Post-war housing in an empty Dudley street with brick 1940s council house and neat gardens in summer

A Government TD has proposed the controversial tax, alongside separate plans for local councils to turn empty commercial units into Apollo House-style ...

Nearly 5,000 empty homes in Bolton, latest figures reveal

How I made £6,500 by reporting a single empty home - and you could too - Mirror Online

Dublin City Council to crack down on owners of derelict sites

... the Empty Homes Strategy 9; 11.

Sadiq Khan has called on the ...

Broomhill and Coombe Elderly People's Homes

635k homes are left empty in England alone. Meanwhile homeless numbers keep rising. (Image: Empty Homes Bradford/Martijn van Exel/Flickr CC)

Council to sell empty homes for £1 to tenants hit by benefit cuts

Selby District Council has agreed a new approach that will help it to bring empty homes in the area back into use, as part of its wider work to improve the ...

Developers only

There are thousands of council homes in London standing empty

Laois council set to force owners to sell empty vandalised homes in Portlaoise

The new role will help trace owners of neglected homes and help make the city's empty properties habitable again.

In London's Kensington and Chelsea, the number of empty properties increased by 8.5pc last

Lowest number of empty properties in the UK ever as housing market improves

"Tackling empty homes should be an ongoing priority for all councils who themselves are guilty of holding large numbers of empty properties in their own ...

There are more than 700,000 vacant homes in the UK, something housing campaigners say is a shocking waste. Photograph: Martin Godwin

House empty for more than 20 years brought back into use

Empty houses quick sale.jpg

Nice disguise: Boarded up homes in Burnley Wood, Burnley, Lancashire have been painted


Thousands of long-term empty properties across England could be brought back into use as the government introduces new legislation to allow councils across ...

File photo of houses

The Chester Terrace house, in 2014

Thousands of long-term empty homes in Gloucestershire amid housing shortage - Gloucestershire Live

Community ownership, through the transfer of assets, of a disused schoolhouse in the remote community of Achiltibuie, Coigach, Wester Ross has now been ...

Empty houses

Powys County Council is committed to reducing the number of empty properties across the county by turning wasted, neglected or rundown properties into good ...

Brand new council housing on Wellington Road

Empty Homes is an independent charitable organisation campaigning for more empty homes to be brought into use for the benefit of those in housing need.

Bids by councils to seize empty homes are at record lows across England despite the housing crisis, research by independent estate agency James Pendleton ...

An 'empty homes officer' will be appointed by Galway City Council to help bring hundreds of vacant homes back into use.

Nearly 1,500 homes in Waverley are sitting empty, despite a national housing crisis which has left thousands of families homeless.

Nearly a million homes up and down the country sit vacant

BEFORE . . . a scruffy, run-down property

Salford moves forward with council housing plan

MORE than 30 long-term empty homes have been brought back into use, thanks to the work of Copeland Council.