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The king with his ka embracing Osiris from the Tomb of t

The king with his ka embracing Osiris from the Tomb of t


The king with his ka, embracing Osiris from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, New Kingdom (wall painting)

The north wall of the tomb ...

Detail; Pharaoh Tutankhamun embracing god Osiris, scene from the tomb of Tutankhamun, KV62

North Western corner of Tutankhamun's burial chamber - wall decoration with baboons on left and to the right 1) The king with his ka, embracing Osiris; ...

Covered with a fresco the north wall of the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, may mask

The king and his ka embrace Osiris ...

On the outside of the tomb, decorations depicted Tutankhamun as underworld god Osiris, while

Osiris is tricked by his brother Seth into climbing into the chest, whereupon Seth traps

Luxor Egypt Osiris Shown on a Pillar in Nefertari's Tomb - Stock Image



Tutankhamen (right) embraces the god Osiris whose face is green to convey the idea

Luxor Egypt Painting of Seated Gods Osiris and Atum in Nefertaris Tomb - Stock Image

Historical print from the 19th century, papyrus, the Underground Court of Osiris for the

Osiris (left), Anubis and Horus, a wall painting from the tomb of Horemheb.

The king with his ka, embracing Osiris from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, New Kingdom (wall painting) | Murals, Frescoes, and Icons | Pinterest | Tutankhamun, ...

Book of the Dead. Judgement from scribe Hunefer. 19th dynasty. 1300 BCE.

Stele Meretitef musician of Tefnut libation poured in honour of gods Thinis Anhur Osiris and Isis

Egyptian wall painting in the tomb of Queen Nefertari. Osiris, god of the underworld, in his green form. Pharaonic Period: 19th dynasty c.1290-1220 BC ...

Dynasty 5 pyramids at Abusir; 13.

... Ay tomb Luxor Egypt ...

74. "

Left, depiction of Egyptian god Osiris. Right, Opening of the Mouth ceremony,

Work: “Isis and Osiris” story tale full color illustrations. Francesca D'Ottavi Client: Capstone Press 2012 -US-

Osiris - his skin is blue, the color of the dead; black, the color of the fertile earth; or green, representing resurrection

The paintings on the burial chamber wall believed to conceal a doorway to another room.

The ...

... Ay tomb Luxor Egypt ...

The face of the mummified king on the north wall of the Burial Chamber. Traditionally

The iconic Golden Mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun Osiris embrace

King Seti I in front of Osiris) - Stock Image

The Great Pyramid is itself a model of the cosmos. The body of Osiris super-imposed onto the chambers of the pyramid with the crown chakra at the capstone ...

20120215-Funeral Procession_Ramose_001.jpg

He is a "scribe of the holy offering", pointing to his worldly position as accountant, keeping track of the granary of the Lords of Thebes.


The damnatio consisted of the infliction of damage upon four aspects or areas of decoration in the tomb: the king's names, the depictions of the king, ...

Osiris, Egyptian God, Lord of the realm of the dead, with Imentet,


King Seti l before the god Osiris 1290 BC West Theben Valley of the Kings -

Ay opening the mouth of Tutankhamun in the tomb of Tutankhamun

Nile Magazine I couldn't agree more. Thanks Marianne.


Sarcophagus of Psusennes 1 (early 10th century BCE) formed as Osiris, with crook

Statuette of the god ancient Egyptian God Osiris. Bronze. Late Period (715-

purys: “ Lucas Simões ”

Courtyard hall flanked by statues of Ramses II portrayed as Osiris the god of the afterlife

King Seti Osiris - Stock Image

Ra, the king and his ka; 2.

It's a description of the scene in the hall of judgment in which the God Osiris is seated on his throne supervising the weight of the ...

I've just finished reading Reflections of Osiris: Lives from Ancient Egypt by John Ray. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book originally.

King Tut's Tomb: Burial Chamber

... Tutankhamun tomb Luxor Egypt ...

Amenhotep III - KV 22

Steadfast in Eternity

4, at Saqqara; 9.

Sorry Anubis, seems like your Osiris is broken.

Superimposed photo of Nefertiti's bust on Tutankhamun's mask; and artist's rendering of the proposed rooms

Howard Carter was said, before finding the grave, that Lord Carnarvon was withdrawing from the project, but after pleading his case, was given one more ...

... Ay tomb Luxor Egypt ...

Tutankhamun's death mask

In front of her can be seen, multicoloured, the remains of a symbollic whip of the queens of this period, which she holds in front of her chest (see is-33).

Her-Heru, the first priest-king, and Queen Netchemet standing in the

Nile 14, Tut Tomb, New Interpretation 5 1B 35%.jpg

Painted sunk relief of the king being embraced by a goddess. Tomb of Amenherkhepshef (QV 55) (New Kingdom) Photo: Dr. Amy Calvert

5; 10.

ANCIENT EGYPT : The Pyramid Texts in the tomb of Pharaoh Wenis, Unis or Unas

Anubis at left, Tut in the center, and Hathor at right offering an ankh to Tut Still another shows Tut being welcomed by Isis, Hathor, and Anubis.

Rooms in the Tomb of Nefertari

Episode 11: Off To Punt We Go


Tutankhamun tomb Luxor KV 62 Egypt ...

... Tutankhamun tomb Luxor KV 62 Egypt ...


Niankhknum and Khnumhotep embracing. Refer to text.

Tutankhamun's tomb, KV62. Nicholas Reeves proposes that the tomb's original burial chamber lays on

Ay tomb Luxor Egypt ...

The tomb of King Tut

Horus, Son of Isis, introducing the Scribe Ani to Osiris.


Serene Musings

by Hate Embrace

Sennedjem and his wife Iyneferti worshiping some thirteen gods, with Osiris and Ra-Horakhty (Horus in the Horizon) leading each row, from the west wall of ...

Hard stone group statue of Ramses II with Osiris, Isis, and Horus in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo (New Kingdom). Photo: Dr. Amy Calvert

... The union of isis and thoth 9781591432081.in02 ...

The Burial Chamber is the grandest room within the tomb. It is incomparable to the other rooms because of its extravagant yellow murals covering the walls.


Ay tomb Luxor Egypt; Ay tomb Luxor Egypt ...


20120215-Ani_before_Osiris.jpg. Ani before Osiris