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The HooHas give you a hilarious guide through NY39s MOMA We

The HooHas give you a hilarious guide through NY39s MOMA We


The Dumbest Summer Activity To Do With Kids via @HaHas for HooHas

toddler not sleeping through the night - Google Search

REPIN if you have a babe that's a morning person. like so early you want

Murphy's Law for Women | HaHas for HooHas

Candy Crush Rehab via @Heather Seger for HooHas

Or so I've heard.

Are you looking for a realistic cleaning schedule you can follow to keep your house clean

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards » Too Busy for Cute Hair

This is just too funny because this is usually a response I get from my friends when I ask them if they want to go on a morning run.

practical reasons to breastfeed

14 Mommy Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

I miss these.

Occasionally a #failed autocorrect gets me... this one definitely landed in the

Every single day. It is tooo heavy is what I always hear! <------ my daughter does this all the time <~~ story of my life

14 of the Most Hilarious (and True!) Mommy Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!

50+ Mother Daughter Quotes To Inspire You

I think this all the time when I see the girls with the fake tan hands and feet lol

The first row and the last row are true. I suppose the last column (Ultra safe) would be too if I drank wine. Let's just change that whole column to " ...

Now they've invented a pregnancy test with a curved handle so you don't get pee on your hand. Listen, if you aren't ready to get pee on your hand, ...

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards fun-quotes, Listen up boys!

HaHas for HooHas: Is it Poop? A HooHas Guide for Parents--so funny--I'm pretty good at this but in case I have trouble I now have a good resource.

It can be hell on earth if you let others control you...I

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards » You know You're

8 things not to say to someone training for a marathon

Why do they love to dance on the last tiny shred of a nerve that I am so desperately clinging for dear life to? <---- this mama is on the ...

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards

LMAO- If I'd had a cell phone when I was pregnant (back

The "Shame Corner": a place for parents to confess their shame-on

I've had two full first trimesters.

Becasue “I have a headache” just doesn't work any more. A

Things a Mom has to do before she eats. | Exhausting to read but pretty

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards » The Fart That (Almost

Umbert the Unborn

Star Wars Humor for you @Todd Perry McElhiney

Children Are Fun They Said

Sleep Like A Baby-starting all over again in March!

Hold the Tail." Funny T-Shirt for the Ladies: "I'll Have a Cocktail. Hold the Tail." Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

11 Awesomely Decorated Casts Worth a Broken Bone

Stay at Home Mom Humor

12 Honest Wine Labels For Moms

Amazing Reasons to Get Detention - I like the Hunger Games one the best. That or the one where the student corrected the teacher (after all, ...

I am wonder woman!

Man Flu Survival Guide - This cruel condition strikes down so many young men in their prime.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Every time I get the urge to clean. I watch Hoarders. and I decide my house isn't that dirty after all!

You're a wise man, Peter Griffin

Funny pictures about Crazy things people say to teachers. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy things people say to teachers. Also, Crazy things people say to ...

10 funny (and true) reasons to have kids. #parenting #humor

Grace for the Introverted Mom

... exist. they're just pink and look very similar to you in this onesie! Onesie's are meant to be baggy, this makes them really comfy and looks hilarious.

Time truly goes by so very fast. Please, please make time to make memories

If you've had a cesarean birth you may be wondering how to give yourself

Funny Family Ecard: I am about to show you what happens when you mess with one of my kids. You should probably brace yourself, this is going to hurt.

pinterest mom funny

target funny pictures

you know what that sounds like not my problem. funny not my problem meme The Funniest Pictures Of The Week

I spoke to Anna Lind Thomas for the first time several years ago. She lives in Omaha and is the hilarious founder of Hahas for Hoohas, a funny website for ...

This cartoon satirizes how quickly technology changes as well as how easy we can look things

9 *simple* things you can do to make the early days with baby easier. really like the inexpensive white noise device, clear shower curtain, clothes & bra ...

Is it okay to wear stripes when you are pregnant?

Morning Sickness aint beautiful

Using mean girls quotes with politics? This could only get better

Original pinner wrote: The cake from my pre-hysterectomy party *I think this is great! You've got to find the funny side in your journey or you will go ...

Mama Diggs Funny T-Shirts, Baby Onesies, Maternity

"Best thing I ever Read"

I Want My Epidural Back: Adventures in Mediocre Parenting: Karen Alpert: 9780062427083: Books

You make me laugh babe.

Quote on sarcasm ecard: Oh you have a cold? How rude of me. I just laid an egg and now my body is violently ripping down the walls of my uterus.

The Fart Chart OMFG. I guess you gotta be in just the right mood to

Morning Sickness Cartoon: A Husband's Perspective - Pregnancy Humor

And it's the holiday weekend.

People say the most ignorant things.

If you can't eat or play with it, Just pee on it and walk away. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation ...

To my baby Tatum, I've lived u since the moment God allowed me to be ur mima! 💕 U are my very best friend!

Beneficial to Young AND Old. Cultivate the RAINIER BEER HABIT. It brings the glow of health and gives a new lease on life.No medicine can equal to it as a ...

I don't know how many times I've said "You can'

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards » Marriage Has its Perks

Do you ever have a plan for the day and

Just lauged so hard that i cried. Probably because of the prego hormones though, and because I can relate.

LMBO this goes out to all you with too much time on your hands stalking everyone's

Rocking a baby to sleep is actually a lot less like a Johnson & Johnson commercial and a lot more like wrestling a 20 lb bag of snakes. (SO true!

Really, I just think it is funny that he "robbed the rainbow..."

Funny Family Ecard: 'You work hard EVERY day!' said the husband to the stay-at-home mom.

Mama's "magic powder" lol More

Funny baby meme. Stank face.

They say it's better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody

For the funniest quotes and hilarious pictures visit www.

14 Mommy Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

My milk shake I thought would bring some boys to the yard but they're like.not showing up

This frigid shoreline starts in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was once the epicenter of the—now hilariously commercial—Burning Man festival ...

Good Wife Guide 1950s

17 Oddly Funny Pics & Memes – Vintage & New

'If my hair looks such a mess one more night, I'll kill myself!' So give us one minute! Because Charles Antell guarantees that in just one minute.

Hilarious picture where the sniper has gone to all the trouble of prepping a gillie suit, etc. Then he not only uses an unproven FNAR 308, ...

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Your baby is as big as a Papaya?

Pregnancy Overdue Funnies Still Pregnant Signs

I'm actually old enough to know that this isn't a tupperware container. It's a canister that we used to use to store camera film.