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The History of Excavations at Tel Gezer t

The History of Excavations at Tel Gezer t


The Tel Gezer Excavation and Publication Project

MB Canaanite Gate at Tel Gezer

Tel Gezer The ...

An Israelite period shrine, including 10 monoliths and a stone basin, is located on the north-east side of Tel Gezer.

Soloman's Gate at the archaeological site of Tel Gezer, Israel

Tel Gezer, Solomonic Palace, Iron Age Palace, Gezer 2015

The best archaeological finds in Israel of 2016 - Archaeology -

A section of the Canaanite city wall, connecting the tower to the gate, is seen here from the north side.

Standing stone monument at Canaanite tel Gezer

3,200-Year-Old Human Remains Discovered in Biblical Gezer, Israel Support Destruction Theory

Canaanite water tunnel at Tel Gezer

A water drainage channel, covered with large slabs, passed under the passage way in order to drain the runoff water out of the city, similar to Lachish and ...

Pagan stone columns at Tel Gezer, Israel.

Tel Gezer Water System. Tel Gezer was a ...


Standing stones (photo credit: Shmuel Bar-Am)

A skeleton of an adult from 3,200 years ago, found at Tel Gezer. (

Aerial view of the palatial building found in ancient Gezer, which archaeologists have tentatively dated

Steven Ortiz: "Recent Work at Tel Gezer: The Transformation of a Border City"

... four weeks during May-June excavating at Tel Gezer. This is a beautiful site with an impressive view over the coastal plain and the Aijalon Valley.



A Summer of Surprises: Gezer excavation uncovers exciting finds and possible date for water system construction

June 3, 2011, ongoing works to clear the Bronze Age water system at Gezer, originally excavated by Macalister.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary archaeologists unearthed remains of three humans this summer in the biblical city of Gezer. SWBTS photo.

Archaeology[edit]. Large replica of the Gezer ...

A scarab amulet from Amenhotep III was found in the ruins of Gezer. Credit: Samuel Wolff, Tel Gezer Excavations.

Palace at Gezer, Tel Gezer, Solomonic Palace, Archaeology

... Dr William Dever director of the 1971 excavation at Tel Gezer poses with Solomonic Gate

Tel Gezer excavations national park in Israel nature

Gezer Calender, Tel Gezer, Caananite inscription, Agricultural Calendar, Istanbul Museum

One of two canine burials found in ancient Gezer, dated to the 9th century BCE

Tel Gezer excavations national park in Israel nature

Massebot at Tel Gezer

Area C at Tel Gezer

The view from city gate of Tel Gezer dating to the time period of King Solomon. (~950 BCE)

From the parking lot, on the north west side of Tel Gezer, is a great view of the Shephelah - the low lands of Judea.

Gezer calendar close up.jpg

Medallion made up of a silver disc with an engraving of an eight pointed star that

As many of my readers will know, Ashland Seminary has been involved with the Tel-Gezer excavation project since 2009. I have had the opportunity to work at ...

Tel Gezer in the Judean Hills – Ancient biblical city of Gezer Leave a reply Gezer

March 12, 2018: Director Dr. Sam Wolff gives Moody Bible Institute students a tour of Gezer lab

Excavation at Gezer Confirms Biblical Account of City's Fiery Destruction

Hidden secret of Gezer: A pre-Solomonic city beneath the ruins - Archaeology -

Syrian catnip at Tel Gezer

Digging for the Truth Opening Shot, Dr William Dever director of the 1971 excavation at Tel Gezer ...

Tel Gezer... Place a "Standing Stone" in front of house to

March 9-11, 2018: Southwest Commission on Religious Studies


Boundary inscription from Hellenistic Gezer, in Aramaic (top) and Greek (bottom)


Six-Chambered Gate at Tel Gezer

Israelite ruins of Gezer

Canaanite Hazor[edit]

ARCHAEOLOGY: Discoveries made in King Solomon's city at Tel Gezer, SWBTS reports

Patterned Philistine ware found at Tel Gezer. Photo credit Sam Wolff.

Tel Gezer: Royal City of Solomon Located just off the main road running between Tel

The vessel where archaeologists discovered a Canaanite-era treasure in Tel Gezer in November 2016

The figurine discovered at Tel Gezer might have been attached to a cult stand and is estimated to date to the 10th century B.C.E. Photo: Samuel Wolff, ...

Area C at Tel Gezer - Canaanite walls below

Tel Gezer 2016 Dig Week 1 Water System Update

Tel Gezer

Tel Gezer excavations national park in Israel nature

Tel Gezer. In Hebrew Gezer means carrot

The Tel Gezer Water System Excavation team is studying three locations in order to determine a construction date for the water system.

Gezer Gezer Leon39s Message Board

Dr. Jim Parker on Excavation in Ancient Israel

Landscape at Tel Gezer, a biblical city : Stock Photo

Solomon's gates and palace at Tel Gezer

Levantine marbled white butterfly

Tel Gezer, Area C, digging at the Canaanite level.

King Solomon-era palace found in biblical Gezer - Archaeology -

Tel Gezer

Standing Stones at Gezer. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

In 1908 an exciting discovery was made at the site of the Biblical city of Gezer, which lies toward the coastal plain west of Jerusalem: a ...

Israeli archaeology: Often controversial, always fascinating. Shown above: Excavating the City of David, Jerusalem. Olivier Fitoussi

An adult on its back, arms above the head, from the destruction of Gezer by Egypt's Pharaoh Merneptah 3,200 years ago. Tandy Institute for Archaeology

Amazing Ostracon from Tel Gezer

Gezer, Iron Age Gate, Solomonic Gate, Six Chamber Gate

Before, during and after photos of the gate restoration work at Tel Gezer. Photos by Gary Myers

A replica of the Gezer Calendar inscription. (Photo by Luke Chandler)

March 12, 2018: Director Dr. Sam Wolff gives Moody Bible Institute students a tour of Gezer lab

A scarab amulet from Amenhotep III was found in the ruins of Gezer. Credit:

Dr. Chet Roden stands in the excavation site, near a water tunnel in the

Megaliths from the Canaanite Temple Gezer was conquered by Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III in 1468 BCE

A scarab dating to the Canaanite period that was discovered in Tel Gezer in November 2016

Tel Gezer achaeology. Archeology and history national park with spring landscape in Israel Stock Image