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Seeing the Trees Through the Forest Vestiges of Ancient Woods

Seeing the Trees Through the Forest Vestiges of Ancient Woods


Seeing the Trees Through the Forest: Vestiges of Ancient Woods

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Ego is a rat on the sinking ship of being.

Where Is the Quietest Square Inch in the U.S.?

Ancient monoliths in Mawphlang sacred grove, India

Example of PAWS (Plantation on Ancient Woodland Sites) with bare slopes. Copyright NYMNPA

Mitchell Hagg Wood, Fadmoor - the remnants of broadleaved woodland are surrounded by conifers making

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Interstate by Akos Major

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A map of Wesbrook ravine, which is easy to access great viewing from just a few meters in from the road.

This is owned by the Woodland Trust. It's fabulous. The first bit is relatively new planting (it is classified as ancient woodland but you can see ...

CC via 2.0 // Flickr // Wayne Hsieh

Large big leaf maple in the second-growth at intersection of Sasamat trail and Powerline

Old-growth forest in totem ravine. Bark was burned in a 2011 wildfire that

PAWS ...

The Welsh assembly and the devolved Scottish parliament quickly moved to distance themselves from Westminster's plans: forestry being a ...

Brockill Hagg, Skiplam - the multi stemmed tree in the forefront at the right is. Ancient woods ...


There's increasing evidence to show that trees are able to communicate with each other. More than that, trees can learn. If that's true — and my experience ...

... Reflections at Sourlie Wood ...

Seeing the Trees Through the Forest: Vestiges of Ancient Woods | National geographic photos and National geographic

See also: An evening walk; In the enchanted wood

Rob Mullholland's Mysterious Mirror Sculptures Reflect the Forest Around Them | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Spring in the longleaf pine forests of Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve

A boy strolls through the jungle in Satpura National Park © Philip Lee Harvey / Lonely

How a giant tree's death sparked the conservation movement 160 years ago | Leo Hickman | Environment | The Guardian

The video “Preserve Stadium Woods” by filmmaker Chris Risch about the long-fought effort to preserve a 12-acre stand of old-growth forest on the Virginia ...

The Cedars of God in Bsharri mountain is one of the last vestiges of the extensive

More about Elemore Woods

The ancient woods at Skipton showcase a variety of plants and amazing wildlife.

During a visit to Puzzlewood, JRR Tolkien found the moss covered stones and the curving

The Ascension of Peter Zumthor

Inside West Arnecliff Wood in 2010 - copyright NYMNPA.

I decided to take the path to see if I could get a view of the water. Walking along the edge, the ravine got deeper and deeper.

I left off finding some large Beech trees but not the large strand I had seen years ago. woods

This photograph is one of many purportedly showing giant ancient tree trunks. However, there's more to it than simply marveling over how big trees allegedly ...

Existing area of Ancient Woodland in Bilsdale. Copyright NYMNPA.

from To A Vestige of Purest Light (Acoustic EP) by Emily Highfield (feat Skyggefigurrer)

... entry into Christianity Today's science essay contest several months ago. Next time, I suppose, I shouldn't wait until the day of the deadline to write.

Leo blog on mammoth tree : Tourist walking by 'The Father of The Forest"

The Stoneleigh oak

Famed photographer Gabriel Moulin (1872-1945) became famous as the "Redwoods Photographer

Some trees are among the oldest and longest living beings on Earth. As such, they represent safety and a sense of eternity and draw us to them, although we ...

Skrunda-1: Exploring a Soviet Ghost Town in the Forests of Latvia

trees …


“Tio Romeu” Cardoso surveys trees in one of the BDFFP forest reserves, circa 1994. Tio Romeu was a skilled woodsman who helped to establish the Km 41 ...

The Cedars of God in Bsharri mountain is one of the last vestiges of the extensive

The ...

One of the largest Sitka spruce trees left on the planet

... A figure bound to a tree where someone took their own life.

... trees in planted forests behave like loners and suffer from their isolation. Considered ready to harvest after only about a hundred years, ...

In light of all this, you might well ask what a tree is. If you were to ask me that question directly, I could not answer it.

The Cedars of God, natural reserve of one of the last vestiges of the extensive

A crumbling Gond temple in a corner of Satpura National Park is a dead ringer for

The Four Sisters portray remarkable sibling harmony. Photo by Paul Rush and Footprints Waipoua.

Forest of The cedars of God.jpg

How a giant tree's death sparked the conservation movement 160 years ago | Leo Hickman | Environment | The Guardian

A climber descends from a giant sequoia tree crown in Sequoia National Park after sampling leaves to evaluate tree drought response

The Białowieża Forest is the largest vestige of primeval forest in lowland Europe. (Photo: Eric de Haan, Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0)

The park is home to five main community types, including the Spruce-Fir forest, which dominates the highest elevations >4,500 feet, and has the largest ...

An ancient beech at Fort Hill in Highland Co., OH

The trees in most of the small northern groups have been counted. Those of the Calaveras number twelve or thirteen hundred; in the Tuolumne and Merced ...

Joyce Kilmer Nat Forrest-

P. strobus shoots high above the shade tolerant red spruce (Picea pungens), with one tree over close to 160 feet tall and 13 feet in circumference, ...

ATF Wessex visit to Longleat

Shady pathway through woodland; Shady pathway through woods ...

The GSM has over 10,000 documented species, and over 100 tree species within the park, and since the first published flora in 1964 by H. L. Hoffman, ...

Environmental activists from several countries chain themselves to the trees during their action in the defence

The Ash Tree The Ash Tree ...

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As a vegetation ecologist with a deep love for forests, I expect a virgin stand to consist of trees of all ages, or "uneven aged," but this tract is ...

This forest language from the age of Vikings may soon disappear | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Download Aspects Of Wistman`s Wood - An Ancient Landscape On Dartmoor, Devon,

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In their study of the ecological value of 61 temples, they found 135 species of shrubs and trees such as mahua, bael, neem, arjuna, jackfruit, ...

Having visited many other forests throughout the country, there is something intrinsically nostalgic to me about an undisturbed, old-growth woodland in ...

Oral narratives from surrounding villages abound with legend of Gudariya Baba, who is believed to have attained salvation in Mangar Bani forest.

Jerry Franklin became known for his role in protecting old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, such as this one he visited in 1982.

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Figure 1 Broadleaved woodland showing the woodland structure and some of the main species and niches

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Ancient white pine in the Adirondack Mountains

Isabelle with Dogwood bloom, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

An exceptional tuliptree from southern Ohio

Giant bur oak in Goll Woods in NW Ohio


Ancient white pines in the Adirondacks of NY

Arielle walks the woods

Jones Wood , Walmley by Manic Street Preacher/ Simon Li on flickr, image reusable

(Tracks of wild animals in the alder wood; March 31, 2009)

The Cedars of God in Bsharri mountain is one of the last vestiges of the extensive