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Red Army soldiers positioned within trenches on the outskirts of

Red Army soldiers positioned within trenches on the outskirts of


Red Army soldiers positioned within trenches on the outskirts of Berlin in April, 1945.

Red Army soldiers in position during the battle of Stalingrad . 1942 Standard infantry weapons were AK-47, AKM, and the Makarov PM Pistol | Pinterest | Army ...

Soviet soldiers in the trenches ww2 | Red army soldier with

German soldiers advance outside Stalingrad late in 1942. #

Soldiers in a trench. German soldiers standing in a trench in the Moscow area. Moscow October 1941

German soldiers of the 24th Panzer Division in action during the fighting for the southern station of Stalingrad

Soviet soldiers going to the front on June Day after the Germany attacked USSR. Most of these soldiers would end up being dead or captured by Germans.

Red Army soldiers having rest in trenches The Western Front - Stock Image

A German sniper apprehended by Soviet soldiers. Stalingrad. 1942. Looks like the poor guy has been roughly handled. Stalingrad was a tough place to be in in ...

Soviet soldiers in a defensive position as the German assault begins on the outskirts of Stalingrad

Soviet soldiers, on their backs, launch a volley of bullets at enemy aircraft in June of 1943. #

Soviet soldiers in camouflage winter uniforms line up along the roof of a house in Stalingrad, in January of 1943. #

A Soviet lieutenant hands cigarettes to German prisoners somewhere near Kursk, in July of 1943. #

Fighting back, a German 88mm gun fires on Red Army troops approaching the Seelow Heights

In the heat of combat, German soldiers crouch and fire their weapons feverishly from a

Soldiers at a front-line position, Granite, outside the Ukrainian-controlled town of Shchastya. (Photo: Nolan Peterson/The Daily Signal)


German Infantry in position for an attack

Meanwhile in Harasta, SANA's correspondent said the army has uncovered a 3-meter-deep and 5-meter-wide trench located on the outskirts of Harasta city that ...

A Red Army officer instructs his men on the Maxim machine-gun

Ukraine Conflict Report: Dzerzhynske, an in-depth look at the front line | SOFREP. >

Invasion of Poland file photo [498]

Army Group North digs in. Russian troops ...

First World War (1914-1918) aka The Great War or World War One

When Hitler invaded Russia in 1941, he expected a swift victory. At Stalingrad his

Following their repulse of a German counterattack, Soviet infantrymen and tanks pursue the retreating enemy

Congratulating one another on the liberation of the town of Shisselburg in January 1943, Red

MPI/Getty Images

Photo credit: TASS/Stanislav Krasilnikov

The Russian paper tiger: A foreign volunteer in the Ukrainian Army's view of Russian troops

Soviet and Polish Armia Krajowa soldiers in Vilnius, July 1944

Russian soldiers apart trench that was built in the surroundings of a Ukrainian military base in Perevalnoye, a small village located within Crimean ...

A German soldier with a machine gun during the Battle of Stalingrad, in Spring of 1942. #

Ukrainian troops patrol no man's land outside the town of Shchastya. (Photos: Nolan

Final Shooting

CWRArticleImage.jpg. Clockwise from top: Soldiers of the Don Army in ...

Vladimir Putin and Russian Army

Soviet soldiers running through trenches in the ruins of Stalingrad

Berliners dig an antitank trench and other defensive works outside the city in hopes of stopping

In addition to spotting and documenting locations of Russian servicemen in Donbas and Crimea, OSINT experts of the InformNapalm international volunteer ...

Soviet infantrymen move across snow-covered hills around Stalingrad, on their advance to lift the German siege of the city in early 1943. The Red Army ...

On September 2, 1943, German soldiers, camouflaged against the snow, which already

Pro-Russian separatists sit in a trench at a check point near the village of

The drone warriors using high-street UAVs to fight the war in Ukraine | WIRED UK

Legion: A group of international fighters pose for a photo in the outskirts of the

The Red Army vs. the Mujahideen, 1980–1989 Part I

A Syrian army soldier makes his way in a tunnel reportedly previously used by rebel fighters


The Red Army put up hedgehog defenses in Stalingrad.

Belgian soldiers with captured German helmets in the trenches; world war one 1914

Factory workers dig anti-tank trenches around Moscow in 1941.

Finnish soldiers 1944.jpg


Soviet shock troops, wearing winter camouflage uniforms, sprint across the barren winter landscape in

“A little bit of training can exponentially increase a soldier's survivability,” says Chris Garrett, a British army veteran.

In this photo, typical of those produced for Soviet propaganda purposes, Red Army soldiers

Soldiers of the 279th IR wearing the

A military parade in southern Iraq this week, during which equipment that would be used

Joseph Stalin and Kliment Voroshilov depicted saluting a military parade in Red Square above the message "Long Live the Worker-Peasant Red Army—a Dependable ...

Anatoli Zheleznyakov was a Anarchist sailor who was a commander of the Red Army until his

From 1942 to 1943, general Italo Gariboldi commanded the Italian Army in Russia (Armata Italiana in Russia, ARMIR, or Italian 8th Army).

Right Sector soldiers share their wartime experiences with a team of civilian volunteer psychologists.

A Soviet (left) and a Finnish officer comparing their watches on 4 September 1944 at Vyborg

Chris Garrett leads Azov Regiment soldiers through a training exercise in how to dismantle a booby-trapped explosive device. (Photo: Nolan Peterson/The ...

The Soviet Union recognized the city of Tula for its role in defeating the Nazis during

During the Soviet counter-offensive in November 1942 over 300 000 men were thrown into battle. Here Red Army soldiers and an assault group fight for the ...

Dragon cleans his AK at a guard post in the trenches.

Caesar's Ape Army

Stories from the Eastern Front

Finnish Army in the 1920's

Gallimaufry: Battle Of Stalingrad (July 17, 1942 - February 2, 1943): In Pictures

U.S. Army Signal Corps photograph, from U.S. Official Pictures of the World War.

In October 1944, German civilian residents of an East Prussian town are undergoing training for

Ukrainian soldiers are digging trenches and tunnels in the industrial zone "Promka"

Many soldiers wear colored tape on their uniforms to distinguish themselves from the enemy.

Soldiers at the battle of Stalingrad

With the sounds of artillery in the background, Ukrainian soldiers in Karlivka appear relaxed and

With his tough Siberian men from the 13th Guards Division (Click to enlarge image)

German soldiers take position in the factory “Red October” in Stalingrad.

Russian soldiers of the anti-Bolshevik Siberian Army in 1919

An armed pro-Russian rebel stands in a temporary trench at a fortified rebel position on the outskirts of the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk May 15, ...

The drone warriors using high-street UAVs to fight the war in Ukraine | WIRED UK

Ukrainian troops at a machine gun position (Photo: Nolan Peterson/The Daily Signal

Romanian Infantry

French troops moving through the trenches during the Battle of Verdun. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The bitter streetfights of Stalingrad.

Ukrainian soldiers ride a tank on a road close to where pro-Russian rebels fired