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Links recommended by the OFT for further research on Orthodox

Links recommended by the OFT for further research on Orthodox


Links recommended by the OFT for further research on Orthodox Christianity, the environment, global

Find this Pin and more on THE ORTHODOX WAY... by Nadine.

Common Misconceptions about Eastern Orthodoxy (and How to Respond to Them

Yes, God's Word is Good and true for all and is the only Real Word

Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Irinej reads his Easter message in Belgrade, Serbia, Thursday,

Simply Orthodox ☦ - The Great Lent Journey Thanks to.

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Watch out for complaining. it only makes situations worse and increases sorrow. St.

Find this Pin and more on THE ORTHODOX WAY... by Nadine.

IN PRINT: The Thriving Orthodox Press

Daughter of the King More

The help of God is always ready and near, but only given to those who

For the first millennium of Christianity there was only one Church. Denominationalism as we know it today did not exist. The Church was one.

Conservation of the God-Created Environment in the Holy Bible

The Radical Orthodoxy Reader (Radical Orthodoxy (Paperback)): John Milbank: 9780415425131: Books

The Good Shepherd

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RORATE CÆLI: Russian Orthodox theologian weighs in on the liturgical reform after Vatican II

Anyone who witnesses an Orthodox liturgy for the first time will be struck by its frank appeal to the senses. The central actions of the Liturgy are, ...


Mystagogy Resource Center is an International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos.

St. Herman Orthodox Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska

Did the Ecumenical Patriarch say that the Church is divided?: Response to an Anonymous Greek Orthodox Priest – Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

Gleanings from a Book: “Orthodox Christian Parenting Cultivating God's Creation” By Marie Eliades

Minister Ayoub Kara attends a ceremony for fallen ultra-Orthodox soldiers at a cemetery in

a woman praying to the Theotokos

Sometimes you just have to remain silent - it's best not to entertain evil words. Saint Nektarios of Aegina;

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Orthodoxy's Sad Decline in America

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1 Frameworks for Analyzing the Links Between Globalization and Health A Paper prepared for the Globalization ...

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Icon painting school "The art of seeing" (Voronezh): more free materials on our site: The best books ...

The Didache is the earliest Christian writing we have that is not contained in the New Testament. It was written around AD 60 (though, admittedly, ...



Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church

LUKE CHAPTER 1 - Orthodox Christian Bible Studies

Lutheran Scholar Converts To Orthodoxy

An Open Letter to the Parish Council and Community of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in


My 15 Favorite Spiritual Books That I Own and Read

Oldest Greek Orthodox Church in Western Hemisphere Celebrates 150 Years

St Augustine refuting a heretic, New York, Morgan Pierpont Library, (a C13th

... declaration signed by all members of a synod or council, by which a decision by that synod is affirmed. The Synodikon of the Sunday of Orthodoxy is ...

The Radical Orthodoxy Reader (Radical Orthodoxy (Paperback)): John Milbank: 9780415425131: Books

G.K. Chesterton

Rochel Sylvetsky

313 - The Edict of Milan marks an end to the period of Roman persecution of Christianity.

Is an icon painted, or “written”? That may seem an odd question, because as any sensible person can see, icons are painted; they are paint applied to a ...

Baba Shenouda, pray for us!

Orthodoxy ...


Creation Care and Ecological Justice



United States of America: In 1909, Chicago publisher W. D. Boyce was visiting London, where he encountered a boy who came to be known as the Unknown Scout.


The Radical Orthodoxy Reader (Radical Orthodoxy (Paperback)): John Milbank: 9780415425131: Books

Books in Print

Click no link para fazer o download da autorização – Unique Garden

Click no link para fazer o download da autorização- UNIQUE GARDEN

David Bentley Hart is his own man, with his own distinctive voice and writing style—and thank God for that. His theological writings have been described as ...

On Pursuing Virtue: Faithfulness

A delegation from the city of Moscow led by Moscow Central District Prefect A. Alexandrov visited the Church of Sts Peter and Paul serving as the ...

Orthodoxy ...

Orthodoxy authority ...

Orthodoxy has shrunk.


Cary Funk is director of science and society research at the Pew Research Center.

My Journey into the Orthodox Church

It shows that economic issues have been consistently more important to Georgians than issues related to territorial integrity since 2008--a ...

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Orthodoxy ...

Romanovs 1913

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Portuguese contact

Radical Orthodoxy: A New Theology

I'm an Orthodox Jewish woman. Married, 7 kids. I'm the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience, a congregation and Sunday school in ...


Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: The Rise and Development of Reformed Orthodoxy, ca. 1520 to ca. 1725 (4 vols.): Richard A. Muller: 9780801026188: ...

The TRANSFIGURATION OF OUR LORD is celebrated as one of the major feasts of our Holy Orthodox Church. This mysterious event occurred late in our Lord's ...

Spiritual Modeling Self-Efficacy

Laurits Tuxen's 1898 Coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna.

My (Continuing) Journey Through Orthodoxy

... can do (depending, of course on me not being an idiot).


December 13, 2003, Lawrence Journal-World, Buying names for proxy baptisms creates tension, by Mark Thiessen,

Half or fewer of people see the best available scientific evidence as routinely influencing scientific research in these domains


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