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I39m just sayingfate qts t Poem Thoughts and Rupi kaur

I39m just sayingfate qts t Poem Thoughts and Rupi kaur


I'm just saying...fate

I'm just saying...fate

Solidarity and understanding is what I'd like.


i am exactly like most girls - rupi kaur

Rupi Kaur …

Please just stay consistently in my life. I'm not a fan of this

Rupi Kaur

rupi kaur Your mixed signals were on purpose

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You tried to change didn't you? closed your mouth more tried to be

21 Quotes From Poet Rupi Kaur To Help You Through Your Hearbreak

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This is what is mind is so consumed by him that feels i m on fire..i m on fire.

This gave me chills..You turned around and left that's the last time i ever saw you

I love this.

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U have taken me to a place I def never thought was possible! I you Derek Lee Caudill!

Milk and Honey by Rupi kaur. I have written so many of these poems down

Woah, talk about something speaking to ya! This resonates with me for sure.

I am not street meat i am homemade jam. Thick enough to cut the sweetest thing your lips will touch.

Her breath was caught in her throat. It's exactly what she had been waiting to hear from him.

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rupi kaur Poem sent from my awesome daughter.

just because your struggling doesn't make you a burden

Yep..only here to impress God..will never try to fit into someone else's so called mold for me again!!

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur The Sun and Her Flowers - checklist

"Because a life becomes much heavier, When it's the universe condensed."

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"I would tell them I am everywhere except apart from him." ~ Clementine

Heartbreak let go break up unlove rupi kaur

For those that say i'm a bitch and i changed a lot. Hun

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My favorite quote about heartbreak.

Milk & honey

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and here you are living despite it all - rupi kaur

You treat them as if they have a heart like yours - Rupi Kaur

Born from stars

Just once. I want to feel something." • my little book, Buried Light is available via the link on the home page xo Live Beau. "

Love this poem

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Emotional blackmail.

let her sleep a little longer.

i am not sorry - rupi kaur

I stopped telling myself that I'm lost. I'm not. I'm on a road with no destination, I'm just driving with hope that I'll find a place that I like and I'll ...

He stopped loving me.

That's the thing right, betrayal doesn't come from your enemies.

You promised me a future. You said the promise ring on my finger would be our wedding ring before we were even dating. You held my hand everywhere we went, ...

Im here for you now and i plan to stay

Because we all have been in this place and need reassurance.

REMEMBER the abuse. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.- applies to all relationships (parents, friends, partners, etc)

―Rupi Kaur. “

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Sadness…u don't love me huh? You didn't love her. You just didn't want to be alone. Or maybe she was good for your ego. Or, or maybe she made you feel ...

i shatter - rupi kuar

Quotes About EX : QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Exactly…its something I wonder constantly! But I have a strong feeling that he doesnt ...

Tales to treasure

People change for someone else

"If I never love anyone again the way I have loved you," he said, "it will be a relief."

Find ...

Understand that I'm just trying to hold onto the one thing in

Feels. | Love Story | Tales to treasure || Care

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I thought perhaps peace would come from my approach. I suppose I expected too much decency out of people who are just plain hateful.

I feel broken inside and I just can't believe I'll ever feel any differently. I don't know how to heal myself. I try but just when I think I'm getting ...

26letterscombined: “I just need you to see me” by me. For the

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It can't buy you happiness and fulfillment. But with you... we will have it all. Jys alles! ♥

Who needs a king? Watch as the QUEEN conquer.

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Michael Faudet


I love this. xx

Rupi Kaur quote // on the decision to be whole

then I realize sometimes you're fighting somethings that are just meant to be. Just hard for for you to adjust or tolerate.

Love quote idea - "We loved with a love that was more than love." - Edgar Allan Poe {Courtesy of Celeb Riot} I just what to say the I love Edgar Allen ...

a simple "i'm sorry" won't fix anything. you'

From my first poetry collection “Delicate Thoughts”

You're a Republican, I'm a Democrat. We don't see eye to eye... not on a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. I think you're emotionally stunted, you blame me for the same.

'She Only Needed The Dream' #atticuspoetry. '

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I'm scared of it because it has already happened

it's 3 am and i lay awake questioning myself how things would have turned out if that one thing didn't happen thinking about things i should have said or ...

It's so hard to find someone who only has eyes for you. Eyes that don't wander, a mind that is certain. People will spit out the words I love you yet harbor ...

The truth seeps out of this with each syllable

The one I can watch anytime

Okay is not the reason you risk absolutely everything you've got for the smallest chance that something amazing could happen.

'I Can't Tell If It's Healing Or Destroying Me': Rupi Kaur's Feminist Poetry

I wish for you to stay but most of all for you to care.

"She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess

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I'm jealous of the morning sun That gets to be the first to see you Or the coffee cup Who gets to kiss your sleepy lips awake

I wanted him in the bluntest way. I wanted his lips, his hands,