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Gambeson 13th 14th Century by Alberto Ruiz Baeza via Behance

Gambeson 13th 14th Century by Alberto Ruiz Baeza via Behance


Gambeson 13th - 14th Century by Alberto Ruiz Baeza, via Behance

Veel knoopjes

Jaque de Charles VI (à vérifier)

Quilted man's jacket, France, 15th century, Chartres Museum

Gambeson. 1405 red.

14th Century Gambeson - Natural

14th century · Gambison ouvert XIV° (Ref: GO14O)

Gambeson 13th - 14th Century by Alberto Ruiz Baeza, via Behance. See more. by Alberto Ruiz Baeza · pourpoint middle ages - Google Search

Jupon of Charles VI of France, placed in Chartres Cathedral in the late 14th century

Medieval Gambeson by DryadsGrove on Etsy, $350.00 $350. ouch. but good w/ integral elbow pads

Gambeson 1405 Suddeutschland

Doublet of Charles of Blois, circa 1360 $234.95. Reproduction of the garment said to have belonged to Charles of Blois. This pourpoint or doublet is part of ...

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Gambeson 13th - 14th Century by Alberto Ruiz Baeza, via Behance | Costume: 12th century inspiration | Pinterest | 14th century, Medieval and Renaissance

Medieval Fashion, 14th Century, Armors, Knights, Akcesoria, Upper Body, Period, Weapons, German

Men's Medieval Gambeson Pourpoint Knight's Gambeson by armstreet

Medieval Dragon Armor w/ Leather Gambeson DRACULA UNTOLD Movie Prop LARP SCA M | eBay

Padded Gambeson a common type of "padded" armor used by common infantry the world

gambeson, back view

European gambeson X-XIII centuries

A quilted hood 13th century. SPES Medieval Market

13th century gambeson

Arm armor

14th Century, Medieval, Middle Ages

European gambeson X-XIII centuries.

14th century

Long Sleeves Female Gambeson

Padded hoses Pm14-1 » 14th century padded hoses » Medieval On-line Shop


Woman gambeson - Steel Mastery

Gambeson del cavaliere "Guardia del ...

15th Century Arming Doublet - Natural

How to make armour: Making a SCA Gambeson

XIII century gambeson after the Maciejowski bible


A gambeson type 2. SPES Medieval Market

Image result for quilted embroidered decorative gambeson

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Gambeson 1366 Turingen

Front opening gambeson.

14th century

Find this Pin and more on Inspirations 15-16e siècles by lukabordeleau.

Nice WIP on a pourpoint.

Pourpoint de Charles de Blois, France, vers le milieu du XIVe siècle avec une étoffe importée (d'Irak ou d'Iran). MT 30307. Don Chappée, 1924.

14th century

Charles de Blois Pourpoint, a sewing project --

Ad1410 on fb Great page Good gambeson and arming doublet

Gambeson 1405 Suddeutschland

Стеганые поддоспешные и надоспешные одежды. – 312 photos | VK · 14th CenturyArmorsMedievalMiddle ...

Gambeson in stile europeo Jack Paladin

Beth Klimek - Gambesón (reconstrucción)

The Gallic and Gallo-Roman costume period. Tunics and boulgètes, Roman garment.

Medieval Chain Mail Padded Arming Cap Cotton Padded Inner Cap Black Color

Journeyman Tailor's journeyman called up to the military service at the end of 15th century. Halberd and iron hat are property of town's armou… | Pinteres…

gambeson pattern

14th Century · patron gambeson - Buscar con Google

Стеганые поддоспешные и надоспешные одежды. | 200 фотографий

Eva's historical costuming blog: Some of my favourite images of 13th century underwear

ORATORIO DI Lentate gambeson con apertura anteriore

Best gambeson I've ever had! I added tie-on sleeves. Only padded the shoulders and elbows. (I no longer feel like a marshmallow in armor) This lady did a ...


A Squire's path to Knighthood : Gambeson

Gambeson 1405 blue

Knight Surcoat 13th century | 13th Century Knight Armor

Gambeson 1366 Turingen

Пурпуэн. Вторая половина 14 века. сделан на основе выкройки пурпуэна Карла де Блуа .

European (German) riveted mail hauberk with basinet and riveted mail aventail (prob German). 13th to 14th century, Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK.

gambeson type 1 (long+short sleeves), black, size L - Zeughaus

Shoulder reweave detail of pourpoint of charles VI. Late 14th century. See also http

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Ladies Gambeson style light padded armour, Womens Larp Armour

09018494 Gambeson Men's Medieval, beige tan pearlized pleather, studded, C40.

men's cote

Правильные костюмы 1340 -1440 – 433 фотографии

Gambeson. 1405 red.

European riveted mail hauberk, manufactured of a close mesh of small riveted links with an equal outside dia. of 8.5-9.0 mm, a slightly flattened wire with ...


Outer gambeson type 1. SPES Medieval Market

Leichter Halbarm-Gambeson "Infanterie"

15th century costumes. Middle ages fashion.

Gambeson #medieval

Find this Pin and more on Gambeson by Austin Andries.

Green Shield Workshop | Churburg Armour

ご覧頂きありがとうございます。 武具 籠手 臑当の出品です。 【状態

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09010758 Gambeson Men's Medieval, Grey, Brown Leather, C41 W36.

Baron's Quilted Cotton Gambeson

Gambeson manga larga crudo / natural

Dryad's Grove Costumes

A gambeson type 3. SPES Medieval Market