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East German Soldier During Agility Drill NVA t East

East German Soldier During Agility Drill NVA t East


East German soldier with two West German soldiers at the end of the cold war

East german and soviet soldiers in propaganda

"Nationale Volksarmee" the east German army during the Cold War

East German soldiers on maneuvers.

East German soldiers on a break from a military exercise.

East German soldier during winter Soldaten der DDR im Winter

East German soldiers during a military exercise.

East German Combat group training or exercise in field.

East German Army mechanized infantrymen during amphibious landing exercises.

An East German Army military policeman directing traffic during military exercises.

East German military female officer. See more. Der Schützenpanzerwagen 152 (SPW 152)

East German soldier with a BRM-1K DDR-Soldaten mit einem BRM-1K

East German Soldier And His Girlfiend

East German Soldier During Agility Drill

Olympic Gold Medalist Maya DiRado fires an M240 machine gun at a range at Grafenwoehr,

The ammunition load of 500 rounds is stowed in separate curving containers above which the seats for the gunner and commander are mounted. 340 HEI or HEI-T ...

The gunner is informed of the range via a digital readout installed in a corner. To apply the range data, he must utilize the range dial located on the ...

Colonel Bill Fletcher (R) shakes the hand of one of approximately 100 soldiers from 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group as they depart from the ...

Don't mess with us: A group of stewardesses-to-be in

S-Tank on British transporter (Swedish Army)

Russian forces in eastern Ukraine?

D-10T had a larger caliber than any other tank gun fielded on a medium tank at the time of the T-54's introduction, and it was a very modern weapon then.

Vladimir Putin has ordered his army ...

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National People's Army (East Germany)[edit]. NVA Fallschirmjäger Uniform.

East German National People's Army (NVA) soldiers wearing protective suits and masks remove a

Approximately 100 soldiers from 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group depart from the Edmonton International Airport on Wednesday, Feb.

M103 preserved at Fort Lewis. Only 300 of these 65-ton monsters were built, mostly used by the USMC. Their main purpose was to bear a 120 mm gun M58 main ...

Finland, Sweden pushed closer to NATO by Russian pressure

In 1974, many T-55A tanks still in active service were fitted with the new KDT-1 laser rangefinder. KDT-1 does not have a direct connection to the sight, ...

chinese flight attendant military training in mud

No messing around: The women were decked out in camouflage outfits as they trained in

However, people will always remember him as a war hero as depicted by Gary Cooper in the movie Sgt. York.


What Faced NATO in East Germany?

Charles H. Bell, III

Give us a kiss: Private George Fort gets a kiss from Keith, the 13

chinese female flight attendants mud wrestle

Hugo Sperrle.

After the demise of the heavy tank in the early 1960s, the light tanks, however, seemed to be still some usefulness in the US Army arsenal, as proved the ...

A soldier's wish is always to be remembered as a savior, not a killer. And only a very few brave soul like Colonel Pillay are granted this wish.

Von Saucken.

Belarus Soldiers kissing Orthodox icon

Sergey Shoigu and Vladimir Putin

By sending its military to quell the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev may be setting itself up for a spectacular defeat, ...

... but it's not the kind of force-on-force combat that keeps upper-echelon leaders sharp, the author argues. (Army photo/Lt. j.g. Matthew Stroup)

Page 1. summer 2008. East ...

A round is fired from an M1A2 Main Battle Tank belonging to 1st Battalion, 68th

Ventilation in the earlier T-54 models like the T-54-1 up til the T-54B was facilitated by a dome shaped ventilator fan installed in the roof, just in front ...

William S. Wallace (left) applauding David H. Petraeus (right) during a departure ceremony in held in Petraeus

MacLEOD, S.A., "The Nijmegen Marches: A Test of Endurance, Leadership and Teamwork", (2005) 1 JAG Les actualités -- Newsletter 13-14;

A soldier guards a group of Iraqi role players during a house search in the mock town of Jabar Nahr as part of a Joint Readiness Training Center exercise.

The British Army has sent a tank and various armoured vehicles through the Channel tunnel for

Donovan records teammate DaMarcus Beasley during the national team's visit to the demilitarized ...

US veteran Howard Manoian during a leave in the World War II

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Heyneke bleeds the Green and Gold of the Springboks, but his results as head coach

One of the most common modifications of exported T-54s is the addition of external baskets for stowage.

This made the Germans even more convinced that the Operation for the Invasion of France would take place in Calais, it not only convinced the Germans, ...

Russian troops shooting a missile

The Kammhuber Line was the name given to the German night air defense system established in July 1940 by Colonel Josef Kammhuber.

[MIDDLE EAST - HOLY LAND] FRIES, Laurent (c.1485-1532) & WALDSEEMUELLER, Martin (1470-1518) [Map of the Holy Land Titled:] Tabula Nova Terrae Sanctae.

Landon Donovan runs through an agility drill at a practice session in Germany with Bayer Leverkusen

Hind-markingsEastGermany ...

The leader of a Serb nationalist irregular force [White Tigers] which saw much combat action during the latest series of Balkan wars [Slovenia, Croatia, ...

S-Tank British Army 2

Lionel Desmond, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, suffered from PTSD", CBC News Nova Scotia, 5 June 2017; available at ...

The final lesson for this study of war and peace examines who profits when nations wage war. In the Spanish Civil War, a prominent American pitched in on ...

Raymond N. Barry

Suki glances back wistfully, looking for something that cannot be found in a trench in the mountains of Korea.

The students calibrated the optical sight over a distance of 100 meters. This was done by removing the breech and placing the carbine on sandbags on the ...


SOUTHCOM task force director speaks at Marshall Center

US Army Soldiers with 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade deliver mortar

Watch Video ⟶. Coach Joel Green operates an east ...

In this artist's rendition, Soldiers from the 28th Division make their heroic stand against German

With this in mind, it can be said that the T-54 has a remarkably efficient allocation of volume but with relatively little actual room due to the small ...

Westphal College

Here are some outstanding examples of high ranking German officers who sported a monocle:

5 DOD Center soldiers earn german marskmanship awards

US Army Soldiers with 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade prepare to

Border guard - East German border guard Conrad Schumman jumping the border in 1961

Serious work: In other photos they were seen wrestling in the murky water and carrying

I first met Zornow at RoboBusiness last September when he demonstrated for a packed crowd how Sewbo is able to efficiently recreate the 10-20 steps to sew a ...

Drill practice