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EDGE Ride Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a

EDGE Ride Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a


Top for thrills is Paultons Park breathtaking ride, EDGE. Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a height of 15 metres on a giant disc that travels ...

The Edge. Gallery

The Edge

The Edge. Gallery

Edge Ride Paultons Park | POV | Disk O Coaster

Edge Ride at Paultons Park

Top for thrills is Paultons Park breathtaking ride, EDGE. Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a height of 15 metres on a giant disc that…

The Aviator | Try our swinging ride that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. The Aviator will lift you into the air with its 100-foot tall telescoping tower ...


The Cobra Ride at Paultons Park -

WAS the world's first 10 loop coaster when it was built

... of riding the high seas without ever leaving dry land! The unique swinging and swirling motion of the Kontiki raft is sure to leave you in a spin!

Velociraptor > a new boomerang coaster at Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park at Paultons Park

Cat-O-Pillar Coaster

40 Places in Canada to See with Your Kids Before They Are All Grown Up

Magma Ride at Paultons Park -

Testing the Swoop.

The Edge. Gallery

Boulder Dash > a new ride in Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park at Paultons…

Testing the Swoop.

Wave Runner Ride at Paultons Park -


Testing the Swoop.

Riding the Tour of Flanders Cyclosportive

The Cobra

MAGMA - the hot new drop ride opens this Sat March 2012 at Paultons Park!

The Starling Swoop is a contrast of cutting edge geometry with traditional steel.

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Tony measured 17,000 ft. of climbing on his pre-ride of this loop, no doubt more than the other two thirds combined. A scenic, front-loaded start.

GHOST RIDER Travels on the Healing Road (Preview) by Neil Peart

Wozza's chuffed to be back aboard and on a new green machine by crikey (by Scott) and BeerMat's broken all records riding more this week than all year.

Hundreds of racers charge off the start line and through Loudonville, Ohio, at the

Cycling group start

Tamar River Loop Ride

At the time, Scorpion was considered to be a rather cutting-edge coaster featuring several elements that were very unique at the time.

Testing the Swoop.

The Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park ...

I got on course the day before my race for one more lap which revealed the course in worse shape than the day prior. Nonetheless, I felt dialed on the ...

Davagh Forest has a swooping trail network and several rock features to explore

The average cyclist in San Francisco seems to be a young fit adult, mostly male and appears to be in a constant hurry. And if you don't understand that ...

The trainer in a virtual world, while still better than riding outside in winter, is no longer my happy place. On the road with friends, is…

Throughout it's course, riders will experience copious amounts of floating airtime.

Testing the Swoop.

... El Chalten hiking ...

Riding side by side with Eric on Day 1

1 / 39. Basso Diamante SV - riding ...


... Grandpa Pigs Little Train Ride at Peppa Pig World Paultons Park TSE; Edge ...

Testing the Swoop.

Needless to say, we were all very sad to see her leave although we all knew it was the right decision - riding through the night takes its toll when you're ...

We all had dinner in Sacramento at a local brewery then retired to our rooms, but not before squeezing into a photo booth for a team photo!

Oh MAN is it a good ride! Rustler blows Ninja away! The amount of swinging action you get on this ride is outstanding! And the layout is full of these ...

Testing the Swoop.

Tolo Lake - Whitebird Loop ride

Tolo Lake - Whitebird Loop ride

The Light Blue Wolfson Ultegra

Pole Evolink 140 Review - Frame details

Testing the Swoop.

Joining the cycle track in Woodford New Road, we hugged the edge of Epping Forest and Hollow Ponds, before …

The frame feels long and low and the very linear feel of the Stendec Storia shock

Paultons Family Theme Park | Home of Peppa Pig World is located in the village of Ower, near Romsey, in Hampshire, England. The theme park has 70 rides and ...

After the 220 foot tall lift hill, riders will plunge down a giant 205 foot tall drop, reaching a top speed of 73mph! Throughout ...

Would I ride this? You bet your sweet bippie I would!

My last multi-day bikepacking race was three years ago and I now have the jitters as we line up at the start for a photo. Steady riding throughout the ...

Tolo Lake - Whitebird Loop ride

Road cycling in the Peak District

As well as several harrowing twists and turns at high speeds! Marauder is expected to be a major success when it opens to the public in May of 2000!

I had some gusty crosswinds today, but it sure beats a head-on wind. Or, as my Mom would say, "it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

... a DH bike Pedal bob was surprisingly un-noticeable which we can only put down to the neutral

I parked at La Buzz, and did a 14 mile ride to Saguaro National Park East where I did a once around the 8 mile loop there.


Near the edge of town there's a small lake. There are literally no cars on the road today – perhaps people are at home, in bed, nursing a hangover or ...

We looped through the Village then threaded our way down quiet back roads, over Wood Street and climbed through Upper Walthamstow.

However, the main the tallest and fastest roller coaster at M&M's Land....MARAUDER, a brand new Intamin AG hyper coaster!

After more than a couple shoves, we are whizzing through Langford. We pull up to a quaint little cabin overlooking Lake Victoria.

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That speed, combined with the smooth track and openness of the trains, makes you feel like you're riding on the back of a supercharged rocket flying through ...

Peppa Pig World and Paultons Family Theme Park in Hampshire - Really Kid Friendly

a quick photo opportunity in the Village Square, we snaked off through the back streets via Upper Walthamstow, onto the scenic shared path alongside Hollow ...

Oh MAN is it a good ride! Rustler blows Ninja away! The amount of swinging action you get on this ride is outstanding! And the layout is full of these ...

A fabulous idea that AMB covered in Richie Tyler's The Great East Coast Road Trip.

There's more flat riding in the morning before we reach the edge of the plain and have to climb back onto 'dry' land again. And up we go for several km on a ...

By the time you cruise back to the station, you'll know why the New Texas Giant is not just the biggest, but also the best.

It's very satisfying to break a completely new trail over a frozen moor, though, and pleasant to be out on the edge of things away from everyone else, ...

Fly through the air as you're taken for a spin on The Sky Swinger.Hold on tight as the awesome Sky Swinger takes you for a spin!

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... comfy all day in the WTB Silverado saddle. KS LevC 65mm dropper is just enough to take the edge off when it gets steep. For general trail riding ...

Riding seatless.

Someone in front stands up, spins a back wheel and falls off. His mate stops to help. In response to following riders' screams of 'allez!', plus a choice ...

Board this breath-taking 200m dinosaur family coaster and sense the speed and agility of the Velociraptor as drops from 20m in the air and ...

Should I join a cycling club?

... to wreak havoc as only the first rider or so will be able to ride it smoothly. No matter what happens, it will be an action packed 30 minutes of racing.

Little Creek Mesa Utah. cliff edge riding on the south loop

24 HOP Catalina Brewing and SDMB Team Picture

Soar high into the skies upon on The Flight of the Pterosaur, a mighty and unique 395m suspended dinosaur coaster, which takes family adventurers swooping ...