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Adam Putnam Magic Lanterns Create a space through a projector

Adam Putnam Magic Lanterns Create a space through a projector


Adam Putnam: Magic Lanterns -- Create a space through a projector but also through diffraction. "By using bulbs suspended in translucent boxes Putnam ...

Adam Putnam: Magic Lanterns

Adam Putnam, Untitled. Mixed Media, 2009.

Adam Putnam, Black Lodge II, mixed media, 2002.

émigré jukebox

Fantasmagorie Cavalier

Magic lantern slide

Find this Pin and more on movies <3 by ermaco.

Exposition Lanterne magique et film peint : 400 ans de cinéma à la Cinémathèque Française -

Available for sale from P.W, Adam Putnam, Untitled Charcoal and pigment on paper, 50 × 38 in

website on early visual media, pre-cinema and photography by Thomas Weynants.

Reclaimed Empire/The Unseen Obelisk† by Adam Putnam


The Basquiat show at Gagosian.  This piece is one of my favorites.

Japan, Rice Harvest - Antique Magic Lantern Glass Slide

Collection de Pre-cinema de Francois Binetruy, Versailles: TETE DE DIABLE ANIMEE

ArtBrussels 14

Polar clouds, made of methane, on Titan (left) compared with polar clouds

... American ...

Beacon Players

Oil on linen, 1990.

... reasons to celebrate the morning of Nov. 8 more than at any point in the past year. Not only did the Democrats capture the big prizes of Election Day on ...

2 of 7 Antique Wooden Hand Painted Mechanical Magic Lantern Optical Slide - Humor

4 of 7 Antique Wooden Hand Painted Mechanical Magic Lantern Optical Slide - Humor

New York. Adam Putnam

Sunset studies on Titan by Cassini help to better understand exoplanet atmospheres (artist's concept)

If you're among those who use a projector for your home theater, you haven't really had a great option for jumping on the 4K bandwagon, and you might be ...

Joseph Arnegger. Welcome Aboard. Oil on formica.

iOS: LowRes Coder is a fun app that lets you craft your low-resolution, pixelated games that resemble arcade favorites of yore. It uses the classic BASIC ...

Titan globe, a mosaic of infrared images with nomenclature.

Voyager 1 view of haze on Titan's limb (1980)

Preparing the lanterns

Near-infrared radiation from the Sun reflecting off Titan's hydrocarbon seas

Listen to “Coolin' Out,” a new single featuring Lucius from the upcoming Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats album 'Tearing At The Seams.'

... often made in tandem, resonate with one another, the ideas in one reinforcing the themes of the other. All of my pieces share a thematic thread.

1911, Douglas Room, Stirling Castle, Scotland, Old Magic Lantern Glass Slide

Stirling Castle from Southwest,Scotland, Antique Magic Lantern Glass Photo Slide

Antique Wooden Hand Painted Magic Lantern Optical Slide - Diver Scuba Sports

Staircase Detail, Château de Blois, France, Magic Lantern Glass Photo Slide

She received her MFA from Bard College in 2002. Clark is currently an assistant Professor at Ohio Wesleyan's New York Arts Program and an adjunct ...

Desk lamps might be a dime a dozen, but finding one like is surprisingly hard. YouTuber Darbin Orvar shows off one method to make your own with a few chunks ...

We'll be playing with ...

Solar Eclipse in Northern Canada

Figure 1. George Poonkhin Khut, Australia b.1969, Distillery: Waveforming 2012

Memorial Opera House

The best part was this long bit at the beginning, in which a native-American storyteller beautifully shared with us some interesting stories.

Adam Putnam

For a growing number of individuals who are happy using their smartphones, tablets and notebooks for the bulk of their media consumption, a projector makes ...

Domitor conference ...

Wainscoting from Château de Gaillon, France, Magic Lantern Glass Photo Slide

~RARE~ Vintage EP Magic Lantern by Ernst Plank w/Slides & Original Box

Antique Magic Lantern Glass Slide Photo WWI Era Cathedral Ruins Europe

Antique Magic Lantern Glass Slide Photo WWI Era Graveyard Wooden Crosses

Next came “The Robots”, and even these were slightly different to the version on the box set. Were the members of Kraftwerk playing instruments behind the ...

Magic lantern - A page of Willem 's Gravesande's 1720 book Physices Elementa Mathematica with

Stirling Castle, Scotland, Magic Lantern Glass Slide

Adam Eckman. Smoke Ring. Archival inkjet print, 2007.

D(avid) McM. Gregg. image

Look at the phony white Holographic frame of dull white rays being superimposed on the Sun to cover the Violet Sun and the Violet Beam!

Antique Magic Lantern Glass Slide Photo Argentina Rosario de Herma Plowing

Anker, as you probably know by now, makes a lot of products. But I don't think any of them are as ambitious as the Nebula Capsule, a surprisingly good ...

Cassini's Titan flyby radio signal studies (artist's ...

'His name was Adam. Her name was Eve.' Sounds like it was meant to be. Adam and Eve starts as a story of high school sweethearts who made it through, ...

... Greece (2013); Undoing Monuments (2013), sponsored by ...

If you stand up and look at the screen again in a dark room , you will see that this Sun is Violet!

ciinemood_cover_bear_01 While creating ...

The viewer is navigating through a vast multidimensional space of possible forms.

President Sheryl O'Connor with Rotary Club of Central Calcutta Team Leader Binod Khaitan and Team Members from Calcutta Clubs Attending via Skype


Snapchat, fresh off a redesign that managed to piss off just about the entirety of its user base, is reportedly getting ready to introduce a new feature ...

Energy Beam, which is coming through Earth and leading to higher Densities. Picture is

Magic lantern at the Wymondham Museum. The magic lantern (Laterna magica or Lanterna magica

That space is so enormous though, there was plenty of room for other stuff: several tents selling beer, tacos, ice cream, coffee, and other treats.

Adam Putnam

"The Evils of Drink," dissolving slides for use in a biunial magic lantern, c. 1880. From the collection of Richard Balzer. Photograph by David M. Seifer.

our Energy moves in the direction of that Thought. Thoughts are like scouts; they cause the body to move along a certain path." from "Sorcerers' Crossing" ...

Apollo 11 lunar module (cropped).jpg

the Andy Coolquitt electric 'light' exhibit was re-arranged around the room – to make room for the nite's seating.

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Space and Place The Perspective of

W. Scott Trimble. Divergent Paths (installation view). Crawl Space Gallery,

Curatorial Projects Include: “Tomorrow,” Kumho Museum, Artsonje Center, Seoul and Long March Space, Beijing; “Peter Campus: A Survey,” Antico Collegio de ...

Wood engraving of a home magic lantern show, c. 1885. From the collection of Richard Balzer. Photograph by David M. Seifer.

Look at the phony white Holographic frame of dull white rays being superimposed on the Sun to cover the Violet Sun and the Violet Beam!

Red supergiant star - Image: PESSTO Snaps Supernova in Messier 74

Photo by Shari Wagner

Unique tributes to video games, Phish, Talking Heads and Pink Floyd were on display on April 21 at Putnam Place with Pink Talking Fish and Scott Hannay ...

In early 2011, Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library curatorial staff began an ambitious project to digitize our historic photograph collection by scanning ...

Frank and Indiana Brinton of Washington, Iowa, traveled from Texas to Minnesota from 1895

Figure 1. Artistic conception of AD 2018 Solar Probe Plus technical configuration. (Google

Barn Owl Pictures photos Michael Zahs projects a Brinton collection film on the side of a