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A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA PulpMX Wardy

A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA PulpMX Wardy


A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA | PulpMX

January kicks off with a really classic issue. On the cover, you have one of the all-time iconic images in motocross: Bailey, Johnson and the O'Show playing ...

The January edition starts off with a Euro rider and an 80cc bike test on the cover. In other words, this ain't your 2009 edition of Motocross Action.

Remember the “Tell Us a Story” with my dad and brother talking about the '85 YZ125 and all the problems it caused them? No, well check IT OUT.

A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA | PulpMX | @Wardy | Pinterest | Eye

February '87 is another jam-packed issue that really shows how much better this magazine used to be. There are over a dozen cool stories in there to read, ...

These days, you would never see a picture of a Euro like Eric Geboers on the cover of MXA (Unless, of course, there happens to be a GP at Glen Helen, in ...

Jeff Ward preparing for touch down in 1990 on his Factory Kawasaki SR250 -Jeff Ames

For April, we get many more bike tests, plus reports on the Paris Supercross and Golden State series (remember that?). There are also lots of great setup ...

The July issue is light on the bike tests, but there is still a ton of cool stuff to read, including lots of race coverage and a GP preview.

The May issue brings us a cool picture of one of the most underrated champions in the history of motocross: 2- times 125 National champ Micky Dymond.

Always loved this cover, it sticks in the back corner of my brain and is easy to recall whenever I want to think about a rider looking sano.

October brings with it a huge pic of the O'Show on his new RM250. I remember seeing this picture and just feeling sorry for Johnny (I know it is hard to ...

This cover is all the new bikes and a test of the 1987 YZ's! Wow, allow me to catch my breath here while I try to actually get excited about MXA testing ...

1988 250 National Motocross champion Jeff Ward sailing his Factory Kawasaki over High Point (maybe

Leave me a comment if you know. They did have a 19-inch rear wheel which was super cool at the time.

This is a cool issue, it's got the '86 Carlsbad 500 USGP in it which would turn out to be the last ever GP run at the track.

November brings with it a first look at the '88 models, and man, are there big changes. Unlike today, where budgetary constraints mean the manufacturers ...

Jeff Ward was green his entire motocross career. Unheard of these days. Wardy was short in stature but his heart and drive were never in question.

And finally, December is upon us. 7000 words later-I'm wrapping this thing up. Thank god. Anyways, a test on the new CR250 is on the cover and the bike just ...

Ward. He sure was fast on those big KX500's

Lookie here, Jim Holley gets an MXA cover! Hollywood was a fixture over at another Hi-Torque publication Dirt Bike, but the Wrecking Crew must have looked ...

This month is jam-packed with Anaheim SX action, this is of course the infamous RJ/Bailey battle that everyone still talks about. There is also a test of ...

Jeff Ward - 1987 MX Des Nations.

Looking at all the MX gear in Newmann's thread about favourite MX clothing has inspired me to start this thread dedicated to ANYTHING moto in the MX and SX ...

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A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA | PulpMX | @Wardy | Pinterest | Eye

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RJ at Daytona graces the cover of the June issue as he killed it at the Daytona SX. It was a nice ride for Too Hip but I like to look a little further back ...

Jeff Ward turning in on the Kawasaki. #wardy#360view #shoair #motocrosshistory

Factory Kawasaki Jeff Ward on his SR125 in 1980 #TheFlyingFreckle #125sRule#80sMotoRuled

1988 Lake Sugartree Dennis Hawthorne (24), Brian Manley (30), Broc

A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA | PulpMX | @Wardy | Pinterest | Eye

The March issue brings with it a battle royale for 125 supremacy, as well as tests of the '87 RM80, YZ250 and arm wrenching CR500R. If you are into bike ...

I can remember this cover like it was yesterday. The Dogger in all his glory with the set of gear that probably remains my favorite to this day.

on Flickr I love this pic of Ward. He sure was fast on those big

All time badass' Jeff Ward and David Bailey helping to lead America to victory in Gaildorf, West Germany in the 1985 running of the Motocross des Nations.

Factory Kawasaki's @jeffward3xcontemplating the end of his storied career in Los Angeles in 1992.

Team Kawasaki 🏁 saying mt morris, ...

A Look Back at 1987 Through the eyes of MXA | PulpMX | @Wardy | Pinterest | Eye

The April issue has the four 125's as MXA shoots'em out. On a related note, I was reading an MXA from '84 and there was a seven bike 125 shootout in it!

Wardy doing work at the 'Wick.

Jeff Ward takes the checkered flag for a lap at the Las Vegas Supermoto final in

... a lot of it is recycled material that we already knew because we were hard-core MXA readers. Still, I guess you have to dust off the archives once in a ...

1985: “I spent a lot of time on the helmets and stuff. This paint job scheme and everything just worked out really good. They had a lot of different ...

AXO Jeff Ward

The four Japanese 125's get shaken down to see who makes the best tiddler. Or buck and a quarter as the local motor guy called them when I was ...

#Repost @shrallycross with @repostapp. ・・・ BREAKING: Jeff Ward to pilot the #07 SH Rallycross/DRR entry for the 2016 Red Bull GRC Season with MET-Rx as ...

jeffward3x Happy birthday to this legend @davidbaileymx . Let's have a great 2018 . If

1986 with AMA Supercross and 250 National champ Jeff Ward looking ultra sano in an open

The November issue has American Rodney Smith on the cover but he's on a Chesterfield Suzuki because he's racing in Europe this year.

I guess I was wrong about the test of the CR250 last month because this month is the real shake-down. Of course, I wasn't wrong about the fact the bike was ...

December '88 has three of the 1989 bikes on the cover. The CR, KX and YZ 250 get wrung out by the crew. The new bike tests were always so cool for ...

Factory Yamaha's looking cool as the other side of the pillow in 1988 📷 - tonyblazier

Scott Motorsports: A Look at 1989 Through the Eyes of MXA | PulpMX

Roczen back on his bike since his injury in super cross!

Must be practice because Ronnie was out front in the races and never seen again 😎 Domination USA🇺🇸

I can't find it listed anywhere in the magazine but I think Georges Jobe is on the cover here. Remember when Jobe, in a desperate quest to be the first ...

Yamaha, Restore

Motocross Captured #29- Broc Glover | PulpMX

My buddy Jason Frenette got invited via him winning the Canadian 80cc national title and went a consistent 12-12-11. Way to represent the motherland Jason!

Too Hip dropping in on his way to his last outdoor win. #thisismoto #

I apologize for the shape the February issue is in but the guy that I got these from was about 14 when these came out and, like me, tore stuff and cut ...

1987 Jeff Ward | Tony Blazier | Flickr

1987 KX250

Added reply in a thread Here are all my best Team USA pics.

Factory Kawasaki's Jeff Matiasevich powering his KX125-SR through a berm for Kenny Jones'


jeffward3x Fun time today at @iamspecialized_mtbA1 ride . So many riders today to support #

Reigning 250 National Motocross champion Ricky Johnson leading Jeff Ward Ron Lechien and Micky Dymond at Gatorback in -

@jeffmatiasevich looking ultra badass in his @foxracing Spider Web gear powering his Factory Kawasaki

After being thought of as a 125 specialist early on in his career due to his diminutive size, Ward actually became quite an accomplished 500 pilot in his ...

In 1987, Ward would avenge his '86 title shut out by reclaiming the 250 Supercross number one plate over Honda's Rick Johnson.

Clothing Exhaust Gasket Yz/Wr 250 88-96 Yz 250 Yz 490 84-

For this week's GP's Classic Steel we are going to take a look back the 1982 Suzuki For this week's GP's Classic Steel we are going to take a look back the ...

1987: “This is 1987 and I'm definitely looking better. This other green is just kind of funky, then the one from '86. I'm liking this look.

「Damon Bradshaw looking badass in his AXO Mission Control gear at the 1991 High Point

Farewell Tour: The highlight of Jeff's 1992 Supercross season would come at the opener in Orlando, where he would score a second behind his teammate Mike ...

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You ever look a Chicken in the eye? 1993 - Naoyuki Shibata Photo #Matazattack

Jeff Matiasevich for @foxracing in 1993. I really loved this new Image Racewear for

The 1985 season would prove to be Jeff's most successful as a professional, scoring both the 250 Supercross and 250 Outdoor National Motocross titles. MXA ...

1982 1st Japan Supercross Korakuen-stadium

Factory Suzuki Brian Swink scoping out his landing during Supercross in 1993

Factory Kawasaki ace Jeff Matiasevich showing his trademark style in 1990 on the new perimeter-

Racerhead #14

The Bikes That Changed Motocross | PulpMX

Guy Cooper # Air Time # Motocross u.s.

Yamaha YZ 125 cc. 1995 serie limitada

1993 Daytona Jeff Matiasevich (12) leading Mike Kiedrowski (3), Tony Amaradio

Find this Pin and more on 80's cross by Stephan. See more

Rick Johnson was the King of Bercy in 1987